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Please Note: Students registering for classes are not eligible for financial aid unless they are enrolled in a financial aid eligible program. By continuing, you indicate that you understand your classes will not be eligible for financial aid. If you would like to enroll in a program, please change your response for Question 1 to “Enroll in a degree, diploma, or certificate.”

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Please note that by selecting this option, you will be redirected to a website administered by ed2go, a third-party educational provider who delivers online, non-credit classes that are not unique to Nicolet College. As a third-party provider, ed2go determines course curriculum, establishes course offering dates, employs the instructors, and assesses student progress and completion. Students enrolling in ed2go courses are not considered Nicolet College students and are not eligible to receive services or benefits offered to Nicolet College students. Although you may receive a certificate of completion, this class will not be documented on a Nicolet College transcript.

Please note that by selecting this option, you will be redirected to Nicolet College’s non-credit class registration information page.  If you are taking a non-credit class you do not need to apply to Nicolet College. Non-credit classes include professional development, public safety training, certification and licensing, Outdoor Adventure, and other personal enrichment classes. There are several ways for you to register via the link below (online registration will be coming soon).


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