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About the Computer Support Specialist Program

Learn the latest skills and technology to obtain jobs in business and industry where computer systems and networks are integral parts of an organization's infrastructure. Prepare to install, modify, and repair computer hardware and software, provide technical assistance and support for hardware and software systems, and analyze problems using automated diagnostic programs.

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Program Outline

Course # Course Title Credits
1010210600 Orientation 1.00
10102106C01 Explores student readiness 1.00
1015011400 Networking 1 3.00
10150114C01 Differentiate between various networking equipment and how data flow through the network using both the OSI and TCP/IP models 0.50
10150114C02 Explain ethernet and how devices communicate on the network 0.50
10150114C03 Perform basic device configuration to setup and maintain network communication 0.50
10150114C04 Design ip addressing schemes to include classful and classless subnetting 0.75
10150114C05 Explain TCP/IP suite protocols 0.25
10150114C06 Build a small network 0.50
1015414000 PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting 3.00
10154140C01 Assemble and maintain computer hardware 1.00
10154140C02 Install, configure, and manage a windows operating system 0.50
10154140C03 Implement basic networking concepts on a computer system 0.50
10154140C04 Explore mobile devices and mobile operating systems 0.25
10154140C05 Manage printers and peripheral devices 0.25
10154140C06 Examine and maintain basic security on a computer system 0.25
10154140C07 Introduce troubleshooting and professionalism 0.25
1010712700 IT Careers 1.00
10107127C01 Explore IT career readiness 1.00
1010311500 MS Word Beginning 1.00
10103107C01 Create a flyer, research paper, and business letter using a word processing software. 1.00
10103126 00 MS Excel Beginning 1.00
10103107C02 Create worksheets with an embedded chart, formulas, and If statements 1.00
1010314900 MS Visio 1.00
10103149C01 Create profession ready business diagrams and flow charts 1.00
1015416500 Project Management 3.00
10154165C01 Summarize the concepts, tools and techniques of project management 3.00
1015212000 Introduction to Programming 3.00
10152120C01 Develop a basic Visual Basic Program 1.50
10152120C02 Develop a basic JAVA Program 1.50
1015211500 Database Fundamentals 3.00
10152115C01 Demonstrate the ability to design and implement efficient relational database structures 1.00
10152115C02 Apply security features to database 0.50
10152115C03 Create commonly used documents as they relate to relational databases 1.00
10152115C04 Develop databases requirements for an information system 0.25
10152115C05 Demonstrate administrator's role and responsibilities in a database 0.25
1015417700 Web Programming Fundamentals 3.00
10154177C01 Develop basic static web page 0.75
10154177C02 Link web pages together to create a website 0.75
10154177C03 Implement styles on a web page using CSS 0.75
10154177C04 Create a Capstone Website 0.75
1080119500 Written Communication 3.00
10801195C01 Apply conventional elements of formal writing 1.00
10801195C02 Craft effective persuasive formal writing 1.00
10801195C03 Synthesize out sources with formal writing 1.00
1080412300 Math with Business Applications 3.00
10804123C01 Compute basic mathematic operations needed in business 1.00
10804123C02 Apply mathematics related to finance 1.00
10804123C03 Apply mathematics in business decision process 1.00
1080119600 Oral Interpersonal Communication 3.00
10801196C01 Demonstrate effective oral communication 0.50
10801196C02 Demonstrate effective oral interpersonal skills 2.50
1080119700 Technical Reporting 3.00
10801197C01 Demonstrate effective technical writing skills for an IT business setting 1.50
10801197C02 Present informal and formal reports 1.50
1080919500 Economics 3.00
10809195C01 Identify and understand foundational economic theory and principles using current dynamic industry scenarios 1.00
10809195C02 Assess and critique macro-economic indicators as related to industry sectors 1.00
10809195C03 Connect and critique current and future economic policy implications at national and global levels as related to the IT industry 1.00
1080919900 Psychology of Human Relations 3.00
10809199C01 Stress in everyday life self-analysis 0.50
10809199C02 Relationship making or break review 0.50
10809199C03 Successful groups identification 1.00
10809199C04 Individual professional profile 1.00
1089010300 Professional Career Management 1.00
10890103C01 Develop an individualized, results-oriented job search strategy. 3.00
1015417000 Help Desk Fundamentals 3.00
10154170C01 Investigate Computer User Support 0.75
10154170C02 Develop customer service skills 0.50
10154170C03 Develop troubleshooting skills for solving hardware and software problems 0.50
10154170C04 Investigate Help Desk Operation and software used in Help desk Operations 0.75
10154170C05 Develop a training module 0.50
1015415500 Microcomputer Operating Systems 3.00
10154155C01 Manage and troubleshoot hardware and various configuration 0.75
10154155C02 Manage Desktop Network Configurations and Applications 0.50
10154155C03 Manage users, system access, and resource sharing 0.75
10154155C04 Manage Windows Installation and Deployment options 0.50
10154155C05 Implement System Management and Protection 0.50
1015013000 Networking 2 3.00
10150130C01 Summarize and configure Routers and Routing protocols 0.50
10150130C02 Configure switches to include access methods and VLANS 0.50
10150130C03 Configure Access Control Lists 0.50
10150130C04 Configure Routers to perform DHCP and Network Address translation 0.75
10150130C05 Manage and Maintain Devices on the network 0.25
1010712800 Introduction to Security 3.00
10107128C01 Investigate basic security concepts 0.75
10107128C02 Identify Policies and procedures to maintain business continuity 0.50
10107128C03 Investigate network threats and countermeasures to protect information systems 0.50
10107128C04 Implement measures to protect applications and data 0.50
10107128C05 Examine compliance standards in different business settings/environments 0.75
1015014700 Emerging Network Technologies 3.00
10150147C01 Install and Configure vCenter and ESXi servers 0.50
10150147C02 Configure Networking for a virtual infrastructure 0.50
10150147C03 Implement a storage solution for a Virtual infrastructure 0.50
10150147C04 Deploy and Administer virtual machines and vApps 0.50
10150147C05 Manage clusters, fault tolerance, and backup and restore in a virtual infrastructure 0.50
10150147C06 Perform basic troubleshooting in a virtual infrastructure 0.25
10150147C07 Design alarms and triggers to monitor Servers, virtual machines and operations 0.25
1015018000 Server Operating Systems 3.00
10150180C01 Explore server versions, install and configure Servers 0.50
10150180C02 Implement basic virtualization using Hyper-V on a server operating system 0.25
10150180C03 Install and administer Active directory and components 1.00
10150180C04 Implement and manage group policy to control the server environment 0.75
10150180C05 Configure networking and supporting network services to the server operating system 0.50
10150166 00 Wireless Technologies 3.00
10150166C01 Summarize Radio Frequency (RF) Fundamentals and 802.11 Technology 0.50
10150166C02 Implement and Operate a Wireless Network 1.00
10150166C03 Implement a VPN network and connect mobile devices to the VPN network 1.00
10150166C04 Troubleshoot common device, application, and connectivity issues 0.50

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What You'll Learn

  • Manage Information technology hardware.
  • Manage software.
  • Support computer networks.
  • Provide end user support.
  • Solve information technology problems.
  • Demonstrate customer service skills as an IT professional.
  • Demonstrate the ability to write interactive programs using a web interface.


Your Potential Careers

  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Help-Desk Technician
  • Network Administrator
  • Systems Administrator

Median Annual Salary

$41,829 $46,987 $49,442
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EMSI 2018.3

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