IT Software Development Specialist

Technical Diploma

About the Software Development Specialist Program

This diploma provides students the knowledge necessary to gain entry level employment as a business programmer. Students learn to gather user requirements, develop software applications, and develop technical documentation.

Software developer

Program Outline

Course # Course Title Credits
1015211500 Database Fundamentals 3.00
10152115C01 Demonstrate the ability to design and implement efficient relational database structures 1.00
10152115C02 Apply security features to database 0.50
10152115C03 Create commonly used documents as they relate to relational databases 1.00
10152115C04 Develop databases requirements for an information system 0.25
10152115C05 Demonstrate administrator's role and responsibilities in a database 0.25


1015212000 Introduction to Programming 3.00
10152120C01 Develop a basic Visual Basic Program 1.50
10152120C02 Develop a basic JAVA Program 1.50


1080119600 Oral Interpersonal Communication 3.00
10801196C01 Demonstrate effective oral communication 0.50
10801196C02 Demonstrate effective oral interpersonal skills 2.50
1015214600 Programming 2 3.00
1015216000 Programming 3 3.00

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2020 Start Dates

January 8 May 8 September 2
February 3 June 1 October 5
March 2 July 6 November 2

2021 Start Dates

January 6 March 1 June 7
February 1 May 7 July 5

What is Competency-Based Education?

Competency-Based Education (CBE) is learning at your own pace by mastering competencies through demonstration. Once all competencies for a program have been assessed and mastered, students will earn a certificate, diploma, or degree.

What You'll Learn

  • Design and implement efficient relational database structures, such as 3NF.
  • Understand the various career opportunities in the Information Technology field, along with the social and ethical responsibilities required of those positions.
  • Prepare commonly used documents and procedures extracting information from Information Technology case studies.
  • Write computer programs to access database records.
  • Write interactive computer programs, web-based programs, software documentation, and system design specifications.
  • Understanding of the fundamentals of computer networking and the various technologies of local and wide area computer networks through lab assignments and projects.
  • Develop the requirements of information systems and databases. 

Your Potential Careers

  • Web Programmer
  • Web Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • Web Designer

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